Mark Armitage

Mark has been in the Automotive sector since leaving school at 16, starting as an Apprentice Automotive Electrician, moving on to a regional troubleshooter role for a national company in 1998, before joining The RAC as a technical trainer in 2000, this lead to a training development role in 2003. Mark moved to Ford Motor Company in 2006 to lead the training development and delivery for the Ford Dealer Network. In 2013, Mark moved to an Apprenticeship Training Provider, leading training delivery across multiple sites and customer management for a number of manufacturer Apprenticeship programmes.

Mark joined The IMI in 2015, initially leading the UK business development team, before moving roles in 2017 to lead the external quality and assessment department, whilst also setting The IMI up as an Apprentice End Point Assessment Organisation. In 2019 the department joined with product development and eLearning, becoming the Membership Products and Services department, which Mark continues to lead.

Mark’s overall mission is to provide the best talent to the automotive industry and the highest quality support to training partners and the businesses they work with.

Always looking to innovate through the use of technology and business management data, whilst encouraging staff participation, by constantly exploiting the use of technology and communications to drive an increase in employee and member engagement, along with overall business growth.

Daily Mantra: The strongest, positive leaders, clear a path, by listening, then supporting strategies and tactics, based on everyone’s ongoing feedback and actions.

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