How the industry repairs young offenders

In this article: The automotive industry offers life-changing training to young offenders looking to take another path

Life can be tough. Pick the wrong path at the wrong time and you can find yourself falling into a world of trouble and strife. At its worst that can mean spending time in a young offenders institute or prison. But no matter how far you fall, there are a huge number of opportunities that could take your life in a new direction.

The motor industry is crying out for new talent as the skills shortage bites, offering courses, training and qualifications that can lead to an exciting and inspiring career.

The IMI is heavily involved in trying to help people turn their lives around, get them back into society and prepared for a life surrounded by cars and technology. The IMI has ten approved centres across the UK based at young offender institutions and prisons, with another currently going through the approval process, delivering training and development to over 330 individuals every year. A number that is sure to grow even more in the future.

Each centre gives people the opportunity to study and learn new skills, ranging from level 1 to level 3 certificates in vehicle maintenance and repair, with extra modules in areas such as refrigeration handling, air-conditioning
and restoration.

In fact, they are investing in equipment and expanding into hybrid and electric vehicle technology, ensuring current and future industry knowledge is achieved and giving their learners the best chance of success.

Forging partnerships with police departments to use unclaimed vehicles to work on and partnering with major manufacturers are just some of the innovative solutions these facilities are undertaking. IMI Student Membership is also there to support tutors to up-skill their learners with free technical resources and soft skills packages to use in lessons.

And the system works. Previous learners have successfully gained employment with major manufacturers and brands as well as opening their own businesses.

Life might start off tough, but the industry can provide an invaluable route back to normality, while achieving something meaningful.

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