Change is coming – now including Bus and Coach


The IMI is reviewing National Occupational Standards that feed directly into qualifications, and now’s the time to give your feedback so they are fit for purpose

Change is coming – now including Bus and Coach

The IMI is already reviewing four suites of the NOS standards: Electric Vehicle, Motorcycle, Heavy Vehicle and Paint. We are just about to add Bus and Coach Engineering to the review and we need your help.

We want employers, industry experts and other relevant stakeholders to feed into the review in order to make sure that the NOS are up to date and fit for purpose for the sector.

Video conference meetings have been arranged for each of the 4 nations, for each of the routes being reviewed – some have already taken place but those coming up are:

  EV HV MC Paint

Bus & Coach
Mechanical Units
(to include Heavy Vehicle?)

Bus and Coach
Body Units

England    10th-Sep (am) 14-Sep     28-Sep 09-Nov
Scotland         29-Sep 10-Nov
N Ireland     09-Sep 08-Sep 01-Oct 11-Nov


02-Oct 12-Nov
UK 'Wash-Up' 10-Sep (pm) 13-Oct 06-Oct tbc    

If you are not available for any of the meetings assigned to your nation you can still get involved. There is a self-review option and we can always arrange a 1-2-1 call.

If you would like to be involved please contact indicating which route(s) you would like to review and which nation(s) you represent.

Thank you for getting involved and having your say!