Financial Management In Turbulent Times

Many of the techniques that underpin financial management were developed in conditions of stability. Yet the last ten years have been marked by increasing and unprecedented turbulence. This course focuses on the dynamics of financial management. Learners will be prompted to think through how the volatility which characterises today’s business environment has affected their particular enterprise, and how they are, or might be, responding.

Course Details

  • CPD Credit Value 5
  • Course Format eLearning
  • Course Duration 4 hours
  • Provided By Nelson Croom

What do I receive?

You will be able to:

  • Understand how financial aspects can be managed, with particular reference to the greater importance now attached to the customer dimension, and to the popularity of more devolved structures.
  • Understand the irrelevance of many academic hypotheses (like efficient markets and capital assets pricing) and find an alternative approach to establishing decision making criteria and their communication within a multi-product/market organisation structure, so as to assess value and ensure accountability.
  • Identify the ‘command and compliance’ style of management and the ‘trust and commitment’ style; its connection with the need to balance the interests of various stakeholders, and the pressure for greater CSR.
  • Describe how investment appraisal techniques are being adapted so as to cope with a greater degree of uncertainty and an increase in the proportion of investment which produces intangible assets - coupled with a practical approach to the monitoring of investments,strategies and businesses.

Who is this for?

This course is designed to appeal to managers/finance professionals. Learners must have access to financial and management information.

CPD Credit Value 5

Course Duration   4 hours

£70 + VAT Member
£85 + VAT Non-Member

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