Accident Repair Apprenticeships

Taking on an apprenticeship opportunity in automotive will help kick-start you career and open up a range of job roles for you to build and establish a career in, in what is becoming a fast changing sector.

Whether you're looking to find your niche in something technical like accident and repair or you're open to exploring non-technical job roles ie customer service or sales, apprenticeships are a great place to start and will help to evolve and hone your skill-set.

Benefits of becoming an apprentice

Undertaking an apprenticeship role within a company will enable you to learn on the job whilst earning a salary. You will be nurtured and guided by experienced colleagues in the sector, gradually learning new skills.

By becoming an apprentice you will be able to:

  • Earn while you learn
  • Gain real work experience
  • Develop new skills
  • Improve your employability
  • Open up industry opportunities
  • Access subject-specific learning platforms 

Apprenticeship standards vs apprenticeship frameworks

If you are considering an apprenticeship, you may have seen references to both apprenticeship frameworks and apprenticeship standards.

Frameworks are knowledge and competence-based qualifications that are undertaken via quality assured training. Standards focus on a number of gateways and an End-Point Assessment with an approved assessment organisation. 

The government has documented that all frameworks will be withdrawn by the 2020-2021 academic year, with all new starts from 1 August 2020 involving standards rather than frameworks.

The table below details some of the key similarities and differences between the two programmes.

Frameworks Standards
The Apprentice The Apprentice
Attend off-the-job training by the provider
Visited by the provider in the workplace.
Attend off-the-job training by the provider
Visited by the provider in the workplace
Compile evidence of tasks completed in the workplace
Undertake annual behavioural assessments and gateway tests
Complete an End-Point Assessment
The Training Provider The Training Provider
Deliver a structured off the job training programme
Visit the apprentice in the workplace
Provide coaching and support in the workplace
Deliver a structured off the job training programme
Provide gateway assessments
Typically host the End-Point Assessments
Provide support in the workplace, for the employer and the apprentice
Contribute to the annual behavioural assessments of the apprentice
The Employer The Employer
Allocate a mentor to support the apprentice Allocate a mentor to support the apprentice
Review progress and readiness for End-Point Assessment
Contribute to the annual behavioural assessments of the apprentice


Beginning an apprenticeship standard, you automatically qualify you for a free student membership of the IMI on registration, followed by a year’s worth of free membership upon successful completion. 

Apply to become an apprentice

Apprenticeships have different entry requirements, time frames and levels depending on whether they are undertaken in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 
Therefore it is important to check the details of the specific apprenticeship you are interested in before you apply.

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