Work with Governments to ensure continued success

IMI Techsafe film (Professional Standards For Electrified Vehicles)

There are many decisions made by the UK Government which directly impact the industry. For example, the decision to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030 has a major impact on manufacturers and potentially employment. Evolving emissions regulations and road licensing is another area that will impact both the manufacturing and maintenance and repair sectors of the industry.

The IMI has developed good working relationships with key government ministries and departments across the UK, and we will continue to use our influence for the good of the industry.


To attract these young people we need to do two things

We want to ensure the voice of those working in the industry is heard when government policy decisions are being made that affect them directly.

We will continue to engage with our members and employers in the sector to produce evidence-based research to present to both central and devolved governments.

Of key interest to our members and the wider automotive industry is public safety and the safety of those working in the sector – particularly those engaged in the service, maintenance and repair of both light and heavy vehicles.

Technological changes are bringing new challenges in this regard. As vehicles incorporate more autonomous safety and driver assistance systems it will become necessary to vouch for the skills of those undertaking service, repair and maintenance, ensuring that they can guarantee the continued safe and effective operation of those technologies and the vehicles.

For the safety of technicians it is equally important to ensure that they are appropriately trained and equipped to work on vehicles utilising rapidly changing technology and services. For example, the high voltage systems of electric and hybrid electric vehicles operate at potentially lethal voltages. The IMI has engaged in lobbying government to introduce regulation in this area; this has resulted in the Department for Transport and Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) incorporating a pledge to work with the IMI to review the requirement for regulation in their strategy document (July 2018) The Road to Zero. This was subsequently welcomed in a report by the House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (October 2018) Electric Vehicles: driving the transition with a recommendation that Government develop EV-specific qualifications for ‘mechanics’ and engineers.

This has widespread support from IMI members: in a recent survey, 98% thought that registration of technicians working on electric and hybrid vehicles was essential.

How we will create change:

IMI Members

With IMI members, we will continue to seek opinions and views on existing, proposed and drafted legislation and regulations and any proposals for regulation of technicians.

We ask our members to participate in any surveys, research or labour market intelligence that the IMI carries out and look to see how you can contribute to lobbying activities undertaken by the IMI in relation to the regulation and registration of technicians working on vehicles utilising rapidly changing technology.


With governments, we will continue to consult and represent the industry’s views on existing, proposed and drafted legislation and regulations. We want you to seek the IMI’s assistance in establishing requirements for any new legislation for the regulation of technicians and to collaborate with the IMI in reviewing current legislation with a view to using this as a way of ensuring safe maintenance and repair of vehicles. We also want you to explore how you could support IMI initiatives on technician regulation in the automotive sector and identify potential solutions for technicians working on vehicles utilising rapidly changing technology, through existing legislation and regulations.

Insurance Industry

With the insurance industry, we will explore the potential for insurance policies for vehicles utilising electric/hybrid drive trains and rapidly changing technology being issued only if vehicles are serviced and maintained by registered, assessed and regulated technicians. We want you to investigate with the IMI how to establish a mechanism for the qualification and registration of technicians working on electric/hybrid drive trains and rapidly changing technology.


With employers, via assessment against a professional standard, we will look to build a register of technicians working on vehicles utilising electric/hybrid drive trains and rapidly changing technology relying on human-machine interface, autonomous and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). We want you to ensure that as many technicians as possible undergo accredited training against a regulated professional standard leading to professional registration.