The DBS check implications of missing the 31st March MOT testing deadline


As of January 8, 2024, the DVSA has introduced new requirements mandating basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks for new MOT tester applicants and those returning to their roles after being lapsed or suspended.

This significant change highlights the consequences faced by testers failing to complete their annual assessment by the March 31st deadline. If they miss this deadline, they will need to undergo a new DBS check.

Obtaining a basic DBS check is a straightforward online process involving identity verification and a search for unspent convictions. However, the extended processing time, often taking weeks, poses challenges for testers and testing stations, hindering the ability to fulfil MOT tests during this period. Upon completion, a DBS certificate is issued, crucial for testers undergoing the demonstration test phase for certification.

MOT Testing Stations must ensure staff awareness and compliance with the 2024 DBS check requirements. Regular internal audits are recommended to guarantee adherence to DVSA regulations. These changes signify a substantial leap towards bolstering safety, professionalism, and trust in the automotive testing industry. Effectively understanding and implementing these measures is pivotal not only for compliance but also for elevating service and safety standards for the public.

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