Driving towards inclusion

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Emma Carrigy: Attrition and Diversity Trends in the Automotive Sector

With vacancies already high, and the cost of hiring new staff putting pressure on budgets which have already been impacted by inflationary pressures, it’s important now more than ever to understand the attrition rate of the automotive sector.

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Sally -Anne Hodder: Navigating Attrition: Strategies for Retaining Talent

The lower a sector’s attrition the more talent is retained within it, and with thoughtful strategies and proactive measures, it’s possible to mitigate attrition and foster a thriving workplace culture. 

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A new series of automotive insights from the IMI

As the automotive industry evolves, identifying and addressing the key drivers shaping the future skills landscape is crucial. That’s why we are releasing a new Insights series. These insights will take a deep dive into the automotive sector's future requirements and how action can now placate any challenges and ensure the sector remains a vital component of the UK’s economy.

Tempting Talent: How Motor Retail Can Win the Recruitment Battle


As other industries also have their own recruitment and retention battles, leaders in the automotive sector need to ensure automotive retail stands out as the attractive career choice.

 This 45-minute webinar, including panellists from the IMI, Toyota and TrustFord, discussed some of the steps that senior leaders and employers could take to ensure sector retention as well as encouraging new and diverse candidates to see modern automotive retailing as an industry to bring their transferable skills to. 

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Driving towards inclusion: Sector report

This report is crucial for the industry as it sheds light on critical insights and trends that demand our attention. The statistics presented provide a comprehensive view of the industry’s current state, revealing both areas of progress and persistent challenges and suggested recommendations.


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What I would say to you...

For the automotive sector to thrive, we need to ensure that current members of the workforce, as well as new talent, have a safe and welcoming professional environment which they feel proud to be a part of.

That’s why we’re launching a new campaign, called ‘What I Would Say To You.’

This campaign allows members of the automotive community to anonymously share their lived experience about what they wish they could say to their colleagues, managers and employers, without any bias, to ensure they remain feeling like the sector is a safe and welcoming place for them to work.

These anecdotal case studies will allow all of us to listen and learn. It will also support us in identifying positive trends as well as areas that the sector will need to address further to ensure all talent, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, disability, religion or ethnicity feels safe and proud to be a part of.

All submissions will be completely anonymous and we will not require any further details that the ones you have already provided as part of your experience.

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Support Helplines

If you need support, there are many groups you can reach out to anonymously. We've put together a list of organisations who can help support you.

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