Full-time Student of the Year winner 2024: Aaron Linsey

Congratulations to our Full-time Student of the Year Award winner: Aaron Linsey


Aaron's journey at Colchester Institute stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to both academic and practical excellence within the automotive domain. Commencing his academic voyage in September 2021, he embarked on the foundational Level 1 Certificate in Automotive Maintenance.

In July 2022, Aaron completed the Level 1 program, and seamlessly transitioned to the Level 2 Vehicle Maintenance and Repair program, successfully completing in June 2023. Demonstrating his commitment to mastering vehicle maintenance and his coursework. Currently enrolled on the Level 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair program, Aaron continues to showcase a dedication to honing his skills. His commitment to his studies extends beyond the classroom through his active participation in a two-year kit car project. Investing personal time, Aaron has worked with a small team and a tutor to construct a Lotus 7 type kit car from scratch—a hands-on project demonstrating the skills and knowledge he has gained thus far and his willingness to exceed expectations in the pursuit of knowledge.

Throughout his time at Colchester Institute, Aaron consistently exceeded attendance expectations, affirming his reliability, discipline, and work ethic. He has actively sought practical experiences through work placements with a local vehicle workshop, a kit car manufacturer restorer, and an auto centre. These experiences have broadened his comprehension of the motor industry and enriched his practical skills.

Aaron's academic journey is a testament to his resilience in overcoming challenges. Commencing with Functional Skills Level 2 in English and achieving a commendable Grade 4 in GCSE mathematics during his second year—an accomplishment reflective of his growth and determination.

Aaron stands as a beacon of dedication and focus on the pursuit of a thriving career in the motor industry. His commitment surpasses academic requirements, with his additional studies on the kit car project illustrating a 100% dedication to mastering the automotive craftsmanship. Aaron is poised to make substantial contributions to the dynamic and ever-evolving field of automotive maintenance and repair.