IMI's Partner of the Year 2024 Winner: Thatcham Research

Congratulations to the winners of the IMI Partner of the Year Award: Thatcham Research


Thatcham Research is the automotive risk intelligence company dedicated to understanding the opportunities and risks of new vehicle technology and supporting our partners in identifying the best strategies for its safe, secure, and sustainable adoption. They continue to lead on accessibility. Their outstanding Automotive Academy serves as a world-leading facility for in-person training.  

They continue to innovate in accessible digital learning. Thatcham Research has also made use of ecademy, their online training platform, and Microsoft Teams. 

And with their new ‘espire’ CPD training product, Thatcham Research has prioritised our understanding of different learning styles. For example, CPD content in ‘espire’ combines audio (voiced by the technical trainer) and the written word, to support different types of learner. The content in ‘espire’ is also highly interactive and visual, again to promote engagement from different types of learners.

During their 30 year period of working closely with the IMI, Thatcham Research has delivered important value to the industry. For example, they were the first delivery partner of ATAs for the body repair sector, the first training provider to develop MET and VDA EPA standards with the IMI, and they continue to make notable contributions to the Accident Repair and Glazing Sector Advisory Group, chaired by the IMI.