The 10 trends reshaping the automotive industry in 2019 and beyond

In this article: From safety and electrification to new fuels and collective transport. We asked the automotive industry's top experts and commentators about the main forces changing the industry – and your career in it

For the launch edition of MotorPro, the new magazine for IMI members, IMI brought together an elite team of technical experts, journalists and industry thought leaders. Their mission at the magazine’s first editorial board meeting: to decide the ten trends that will most shape the automotive industry – and all our careers within it.

Here’s their top ten, which are all explored in detail in the first edition of MotorPro.

  1. Safety in an electric era – Can the automotive sector skill up in time for the age of electric vehicles, plug-ins and hybrids?
  2. Connected vehicles – Vehicles aren’t just standalone lumps of metal anymore; they’re ultra-connected super-computers. The heavy vehicle and agri-tech sectors are leading the way in connected technology.
  3. The diversity dividend – Diverse workforces deliver higher results. It’s time for the automotive industry to step up. Projects such as the UK Automotive 30% Club will help us get there.
  4. The trust economy – Automotive has lost consumer trust in recent years, but there are ways for automotive organisations to get it back. Online reputation management will be crucial for all of us.
  5. Collective transport – Your car may soon be a bus. Seriously… Worldwide urbanisation and the widespread adoption of car-pooling will change the way we think about our own vehicles.
  6. The environment – Petrol. Diesel. Battery electric. Hybrid. E-gas. Together, these are the power systems of the future. Automotive professionals need to think about where to specialise.
  7. Virtual retail – Is it closing time for the showroom? Not yet…
  8. Electrification – Infrastructure is lagging progress and take-up of electric vehicles is relatively slow. But this will change...
  9. Autonomy and automated driving – There are five levels of autonomy. We’re currently at about 2. How quickly we move to the next levels will have massive implications for all our careers.
  10. Data changes everything – What happens when your vehicle knows more about you than you do?  We need to have a conversation...

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