Automotive succeeds in Department for Education’s latest Top Apprenticeship Employers for 2022 awards

Automotive succeeds in Department for Education’s latest Top Apprenticeship Employers for 2022 awards

Apprenticeships are a critical part of automotive’s success, and that’s been highlighted in the Department for Education’s latest Top Apprenticeship Employers for 2022 awards.

The public sector secured the prestigious top slots on the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers 2022 list, with the Army first, the Royal Navy second and Royal Airforce in fourth place, closely followed by the Department of Work and Pensions in fifth position.

But there were a huge range of automotive names in the list, proving how much emphasis is placed on apprenticeships in the sector, how important they are to the continued success of the industry and the effort put into developing the next generation of talent.

Companies including Apollo Motor Group, Gemini Accident Repair Centres and Motus Commercials were all competing for the honours in the top 100 list.

And although a different arm of the automotive family, Lander Automotive Ltd topped a new category this year – Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers 2022 – which for the first time recognises the critical role these organisations play in creating opportunities, particularly for younger people and those in disadvantaged areas.

The leader boards are designed to showcase the very best of England’s apprenticeship employers, with those listed recognised for providing some of the most successful apprenticeship programmes over the previous 12 months.

Lander Automotive’s Managing Director Len Palmer said: “We have a long history of developing future talent through our apprenticeship schemes. Over many generations in the business the apprentices have always provided us with an incredible pool of talent. We are proud of our commitment to apprenticeships, and we are always happy when we are recognised externally for the brilliant outcomes we deliver for our youngest team members.”

The employer rankings are developed by the Department of Education, in partnership with High Fliers Research, who independently assess and rank the country’s top apprenticeship employers.

The rankings attracted strong entries from across a wide range of industries including healthcare, banking, and media, but with so many automotive names in the tables, it shows the sector’s dedication to apprenticeships and their importance to our continued success.

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