Calling all qualifying Level 3 automotive students – the industry needs you

Calling all qualifying Level 3 automotive students – the industry needs you

You’ve finished your college course, congratulations! Now what?

Potentially, you are looking to secure your first automotive role (it goes without saying that the motor sector really needs your skills) however, like so many other qualifying students before you, obtaining that first all important role may prove challenging.

That’s not because the pool of skilled technicians is deep and full – far from it. For many years, the automotive industry has been suffering from a skills shortage and the need to create a pipeline of new talent to sustain the future of the industry has never been more prevalent. However, many automotive employers simply don’t have the time to recruit newly qualified technicians – they need experienced talent, and they need it fast.

As a result, every year a reported 10,000 qualifying automotive students struggle to secure a role in the sector and eventually go on to find employment in other industries. It’s a loss the industry simply can’t afford.

This is where Autotech Academy comes in. A division of Autotech Group, the automotive industry’s employment and training solutions provider, the Academy team have a wealth of connections into the motor sector and can help ease the recruitment pain – for both the newly qualified student and the employer.

Working with colleges, Autotech Academy identifies Level 3 automotive students and matches them with an employer on a 3-12 month internship which they will embark upon after they have qualified. Since Autotech Academy was launched in 2021, interns have been placed within franchised dealer sites including Ford, Mercedes, and Toyota, along with fast fit centres such as In ‘n’ Out, and many have now secured full-time employment.

Rajan is one such intern. After qualifying with a Level 3 in Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair he struggled to secure a role within the automotive industry and was repeatedly told that he needed at least 3-5 years’ experience. After finding warehouse work to earn money, Rajan signed up with Autotech Academy and was quickly placed within The Volkswagen Van Centre, Birmingham. After a six month internship, Rajan is now a permanent VW employee.

So, what should you expect as an intern? Firstly, you will be paid above the minimum wage, equipped with a uniform and a top box of tools worth £1,000 – which is yours to keep if you make the transition into full time employment at the end of the internship period. All that Autotech Academy expects of you is that you are committed, turn up on time, and work hard!

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