Get your MOT training plan set


The MOT test has grown in complexity as vehicles become more advanced and it’s why the annual MOT Training and Assessment is so important. But with a plan of action it needn’t be stressful.

Let’s cut to the chase, the training requirement for an MOT tester is a syllabus led 16 hours over five years, with a minimum of three hours per year. But even that can sound like a lot of additional work when you’re part of a busy workshop.

And 16 doesn’t divide neatly over five years – perhaps a strong argument for overtraining, particularly if you change employment mid-cycle, or if you’re managing a large number of testers or over multiple sites.

That said, 20 minutes every calendar month would easily provide enough training for you to hit the requirements and be ready to sit the annual test, the problem occurs when you try and cram everything in from January when the clock really is ticking to get it done. Which is why you need a plan of action.

Put simply, if you want to complete four hours of annual training, starting in January, one hour and twenty minutes per month would meet the requirements before the assessment deadline on 31st March 2022.

Spreading training out in this fashion suits the self-delivery method, but completing the training and assessment all at once can also be attractive.

Success made easy

he best way to complete your training and pass the test is to create a CPD Pathway for self-delivery, and it doesn’t have to be difficult, you only need think about four points:

  • Reflection: What is the current state of training and assessment?
  • Planning: Using the syllabus, plan a content schedule, such as eighty minutes per month
  • Action: Complete training, sit annual assessment ahead of deadline.
  • Evaluation: Review results, apply further training if required.

There are a range of free resources available to record your CPD, but be warned, it must follow the syllabus of the year you are studying for. It’s important you do record everything as the records are checked during site visits made on behalf of the DVSA and failure to produce them will result in penalty points.

Assessments link to the Tester MOT portal and should automatically display the assessment result on successful completion. Checking the upload of the certificate is still the responsibility of the Tester and those acting on behalf of the Authorised Examiner.

Another great reason for completing early is to ensure technology issues don’t adversely affect work throughout, a glitch in receiving that assessment result may result in a Tester being unable to test until the error is corrected.  

Working together

A buddy system with another MOT lane may help in working through the syllabus, and linking up with other MOT testers has never been easier thanks to social media – this can be particularly helpful if you’re alone as a tester. If you’re at the opposite end of the scale and work for a large organisation, breaking into smaller groups to support each other through the training is also an effective method to help you succeed.
If you choose not to develop your own training strategy, you can outsource training delivery to achieve compliance. There are many organisations who offer CPD and they can be accessed in a variety of formats making it incredibly easy to get everything done, fitted in around your schedule.

  • Digitally (e-Learning)
  • Blended learning (both remote and in person)
  • In person at the vehicle testing site
  • In person at a training facility

The pandemic increased the uptake of digital e-Learning and can be most effective, especially when used in conjunction with an Authorised Examiner Consultant (AEC) who can help with technical questions, real world examples, and how to navigate live documents quickly.

The IMI can attest that many training and assessment bundles have been bought with hardly any time before the deadline, with the assessment taken minutes after purchasing the bundle.

That’s a bad idea and is widely unsuccessful, proving that completion of training is far more effective and saved more time, so it’s wise to put a plan in place so you’re ready.

Keep your testers compliant and encourage them to book their MOT annual training and assessment with the IMI today