How new diagnostics could optimise your workshop

How new diagnostics could optimise your workshop

There has been significant growth in the functionality offered from diagnostics tools in order to match the pace of the growth in onboard systems on modern vehicles.

BorgWarner brand Delphi is one company that is investing in its diagnostic software and hardware technologies in order to enhance workshops productivity and service. Last year it launched its BlueTech Vehicle Control Interface (VCI) and ADAS equipment.

The new BlueTech VCI boasted hardware improvements to processing power, CAN FD channels, Passthru support and integrated Diagnostics Over Internet Protocol functionality.

ADAS diagnostic solutions will undoubtedly become important for workshops to ensure a truly complete repair or replacement of systems as the number of vehicles with these functions increases. Delphi’s ADAS systems currently covers 198 models with radar, 333 models with camera, and connects via the same diagnostic software as the BlueTech VCI. By sharing the software platform this ensures familiarity for the technician and increases usability of licences.

And as electrification takes a larger part of the market, diagnostics technology also needs to integrate EV compatibility too.

To meet the demand Delphi’s system covers 191 EV models for car and LCV and 24 models for HD, and multiple unique system selections. As more and more EVs enter their service life and enter the vehicle bay, workshops this number will need to continue to grow.

Staying secure

There’s an impressive volume of data that a vehicle now generates, which is why vehicle manufacturers now include mechanisms to keep safety critical systems such as ECUs secure. Security Gateway (SGW) access must be a top priority for workshops who could find themselves blocked from certain diagnostic functions. That would be bad for business. Delphi’s system includes access to Security Gateway built into the digital platform for popular Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Mercedes, Smart and Volkswagen Audi Group. In addition, the BlueTech VCI can unlock the Security Gateway for Renault group vehicles thanks to its Passthru J2534 capability.

James Tibbert, at EMEA BorgWarner believes Security Gateway integrations are one of the most essential features a workshop should be looking for in their diagnostic investments: “Secured access to ‘write’ functions in the vehicle ECU will shortly become the norm. The integrated security gateway feature, available with the BlueTech license, makes diagnostics on the latest vehicle models easy and straight forward, saving time for the technician and increasing productivity of the workshop.”

All change in the aftermarket

As the sector grapples to engage quickly with sustainability and mobility demands, diagnostics can empower workshops with a rapid response to these key trends. The right diagnostics solution has the potential to improve sustainable aftermarket practices. The insights assembled from diagnostic vehicle data are helping improve vehicle quality and performance for an optimised, extended service life.

Delphi is keen to stay ahead of the trends, and its competitors will be working hard to design similar systems, but it will be up to businesses to make sure that they keep equipment – and skills – up to date so they’re ready for what’s coming down the road.

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