IMI Skills Competition 2020 takes off

Trucks and cars

In this article: The pandemic may have curtailed the Skill Auto competition, but the IMI is determined to recognise the talent coming into the industry with its IMI Skills Competition 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone. And that includes the Skill Auto competition, which sadly had to be postponed this year. But the IMI is determined that the competitors were still recognised, which is why we’re running the IMI Skills Competition 2020.

All 84 competitors who were due to take place in the Skill Auto event, covering Light and Heavy Vehicles, Refinishing and Body Repair, are part of the event, going head to head to see who will be in the top six of each category.

A different approach

With social distancing restrictions in place a new direction was needed, but still covering all the skills that would be needed. So, the IMI Skills Competition 2020 has gone online.

Competitors have completed virtual tests to determine the winners of the 2020 cycle of the competition. Each four streams competing throughout the week

  • Light Vehicle Technology: 21st and 22nd September
  • Heavy Vehicle Technology: 22nd and 23rd September
  • Refinishing: 23rd and 24th September
  • Body Repair: 24th and 25th September

The top six from each category will be announced on the 29th October in a live online event hosted by the IMI’s CEO Steve Nash.
Each of the top six will receive IMI membership which includes free electric vehicle eLearning to help them prepare for the future, and we’ll support the finalists throughout the rest of the year with webinars, so they can succeed in their chosen career.