Improve your MOT business during the April lull


After the rush by motorists to get vehicles MOT’d after last year’s extension, a lull is expected in April. Use the downtime to improve your business with these six easy steps

After last year’s MOT extension, and the rush that followed, the sector is anticipating a lull in April. And with time on your hands, it could be the perfect opportunity to tick tasks off the list that perhaps would have drifted in any other year.

One thing that should be at the top is the annual training and assessment that all testers need to complete. Mindful that testers will be required for inspections during a busy period up until April, the usual March deadline has been extended. But it isn’t the only thing to consider, like the “Beat the Rush” campaign aimed at motorists to book their MOT in good time, strategic thinking will assist long-term business health making April a period of opportunity.

Here are six areas of your business you could look at during what could be a quiet MOT month in April:

1. Training and assessment

As well as the legal obligation for MOT CPD and annual assessment, this is a good period to get your non-testing staff up to speed with their own CPD. Remote learning has now become a modern way of skill improvement, meaning a plan can be developed regardless of lockdown state.

2. Appraisals

While CPD and assessments are fresh in everyone’s mind, a reflective process coupled with a training plan for future need would be a good use of any downtime.

3. Holiday

Planning a break should perhaps include assessing the new expectation for workshop demand, a more traditional shut down period could be an option for particularly quiet weeks.

4. Maintenance and improvements

While kit is idle, it’s a good opportunity for a thorough inspection and maintenance programme. Heavy kit replacement, especially that which requires ground works, could be scheduled for this period. Any floors painted last year may need a touch up by now. Changes in software provision, particularly any that require a data transfer or implementation period, would be ideally launched at this time to give team members an acclimatisation phase.

5. Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Servicing may still be due, particularly if motorists elected to skip a service, so it may not be that quiet. If a CRM system is not in place, perhaps this is an opportune moment to consider one?

6. Business Planning

Many forecasts were written last year during the first lockdown. As the first anniversary approaches, reflecting on that forecast and developing the next one could help with long term business goals.

The clock’s ticking. Beat the rush, and book your IMI MOT Annual Training and Assessment now.

Need to know what’s required? Check out the Government’s MOT tester training and annual assessments information.