Inside the IMI: helping members stay on top


Navigating the changes happening in automotive can be challenging. The move away from combustion engines to electrified powertrains, increasingly connected vehicles and the larger number of ADAS systems make the sector ever more complex.

But it’s critical everyone understands the changes happening in automotive, knows how they could impact their career and business and is prepared for the future. No easy task when a constant stream of news stories and soundbites from politicians makes the future even less clear.

Examples are easy to find; the shift from 2030 to 2035 for the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel light vehicles but the zero emission vehicle mandate seemingly meaning little changes, the movement of the Autonomous Vehicles Bill through parliament, and discussion about how and if the MOT should be changed.

The latter is a good example of where IMI members can find clarity. The institute was a big part of the MOT consultation debate, putting forward an industry perspective and delivering incredibly important insight into the future of testing.

As Adrian Lawson, IMI Membership Strategy and Improvement Manager says: “We place a huge amount of importance in giving members a voice and representing them at the highest level. We have a dedicated Policy Lead in Hayley Pells who is in regular conversation with government, and we've stepped up our rate of consultation with members generally.”

It’s helped that the IMI member community has grown to over 100,000 strengthening its voice with governments both at home and abroad. But it’s one of many avenues that members can benefit.

Stronger together

A larger IMI membership also translates into a larger community and connections that can help support one another.

“We've created the IMI Community, the dedicated online space to connect with fellow IMI members, share insights and ask questions. We also have an award winning, dedicated member engagement team there for members when they need us,” says Lawson.

With so much happening in the sector, one of the most important anyone can do is make sure they’re prepared for what’s coming, and in automotive that means skills, keeping one eye on opportunities and getting ready for the future.

Career development can be difficult when businesses are busy, but not impossible, and there are a number of courses, qualifications and accreditations that can help boost skills. Speaking to someone is often the place to start.

“We have a careers hub with a range of tools and resources that can support members in their career,” says Lawson. But supporting the industry also means making sure the next-generation knows what automotive offers.

“We also have a dedicated careers team who deliver events for schools through to the IMI Skills Competitions, promoting the industry as the career of choice,” says Lawson.

With so much happening in the industry, leveraging knowledge and tools is incredibly important to maintaining the sector’s success, business’s growth and people’s development. It’s why IMI membership needs to be taken advantage of.