Problems fixed: Audi, DS and Ford

Audi car

Leading technical supplier Autodata helps you fix three common problems found in passenger cars

The problem

We have a 2017 Audi Q5 in our workshop. The owner brought it to us as the engine coolant temperature gauge consistently reads high. The car is otherwise running normally, and we can confirm there are no stored trouble codes.

The fix

This is a known issue for the Q5 (FYB) range and affects models produced between 2017 and 2020. The fault is due to the failure of the engine coolant pump impeller control actuator. To resolve the issue, remove and inspect the engine coolant pump. If the engine coolant pump impeller control actuator is stuck fit a new engine coolant pump. Run the engine to verify the engine coolant temperature gauge continues reading cool.

Fig1  - aud293

The Problem

We have a Citroën DS 4 Crossback in our workshop with the owner complaining of a whistling noise in the passenger department when turning the steering while manoeuvring or parking. We’ve tested the vehicle and can confirm that when turning the steering from lock-to-lock, a noticeable whistling is heard. It’s different from the typical power steering whine and the power steering pump looks good.

The fix

Citroën have acknowledged this issue which affects DS 4s manufactured between 2015 and 2018, including the Crossback and DS 4 ii. The cause of the sound is unsatisfactory clearance between the power steering pipe and the vehicle chassis; the pipe vibrates against the chassis, producing the whistle. To resolve the issue, reposition the power. steering pipe to ensure suitable clearance between it and the surrounding components Start the engine and test turning the wheel lock-to-lock in both directions while manoeuvring to ensure the sound has been eliminated.

Fig2 dsa21

The problem

We have a Ford Tourneo Custom in our workshop brought in with an overheating engine and intermittent lack of power when accelerating. The ECM contains the trouble code P0A3C which points to issues with the coolant system or a damaged temperature control module, but we’re not sure how best to proceed.

The fix

We were able to determine the vehicle in question is the 2020 plug-in hybrid Tourneo Custom. In this case, it seems most likely the coolant hoses have been transposed on the hybrid battery pack coolant control valve.

To resolve the issue, follow the proceeding steps, but please note: the hybrid battery pack contains high-voltage components. Ensure all personnel working on high-voltage hybrid drive systems are suitably trained to carry out the necessary operations.

Inspect the coolant hoses on the hybrid battery pack coolant control valve located on the underside of the vehicle. If they have been incorrectly fitted swap the coolant hoses to the correct positions. Clear the saved trouble code and perform a road test to ensure the issue has been resolved.

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