Problems fixed: BMW, Citroën and Toyota

Red Citroën

Leading technical supplier Autodata helps you fix three common problems found in passenger cars

The problem

We have a 2018 BMW 5-Series in the workshop with the low engine coolant level warning displayed. The customer also reports a scraping noise from the steering column when the steering wheel is turned – which we have been able to replicate. Could these be connected?

The fix

BMW have published a known fault which lines up with the issues your customer is experiencing. The cause is heater hose chafing on the steering column, leading to coolant loss and vibration, and can affect the 5-Series (G30/31) and 7-Series (G11/12) models up to March 2018. To resolve the issue, fit a new heater hose.

To do so, remove the blanking plug from the chassis leg and fit a heater hose retaining bracket. Fit the heater hose to the retaining bracket and secure. Turn the steering wheel from lock to lock to ensure the vibration has been rectified.

Fig 1.

The problem

We are trying to resolve an electrical fault with a 2014 Citroën C5. The headlamps flicker on and windscreen wipers intermittently turn on when the ignition is off.

The fix

Citroën has acknowledged this issue, which affects the C5 III (2007-2015). The cause is likely to be corrosion causing a poor connection between the multifunction control module and harness multi-plug.

To resolve the issue, locate the multifunction control module adjacent to the battery and check the module harness multi-plug for corrosion. If corrosion is present, fit a new multifunction control module. Check and clean the harness multi-plug terminals. If necessary, replace the harness multi-plug.

Fig 2.

The problem

We have a 2016 Toyota Proace in the workshop with a squeaking noise from the steering column when the steering wheel is turned. The steering column boot visually looks in good order.

The fix

This has been reported by Toyota to affect Proace models from 2016 to June 2017 and is caused by a faulty steering column steering boot. To resolve the issue fit a new sealing boot, available from the Toyota parts department. Lubricate the new sealing boot with a suitable lubricant. Turn the steering wheel from lock to lock to verify the noise has been rectified.

Fig 3.