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As the UK car parc changes faster than ever before, with new powertrains, more complex control systems, advanced communication and the ever-changing climate agenda, it can be challenging to stay informed.

The MOT has recently come under the government spotlight, and it feels like not a day goes by without someone mentioning the MOT consultation.

Once the door closed on the initial research on how testing could change, it emerged that a more open policy from the DVLA will help MOT testers and other invested parties gain a better understanding of the current situation.

Talking shop

Debate and discussion are great ways to keep knowledge up to date, and will help everyone in the MOT sector stay on top of changes. It’s why the IMI hosted its ‘Navigating the Future of MOT’ webinar, which is something you should watch.

The digital event featured Neil Barrow, Head of Policy for the DVSA, who gave an overview of the consultation and vision for MOT; Simon Smith, Product Manager for the MOT Testing Service for the Department for Transport, who discussed changes to the MOT test; and Hayley Pells, Policy and Public Affairs Lead for the IMI, who gave the IMI and industry perspectives.

There’s always a lot to cover when the MOT is the topic, and the discussion around the consultation includes:

Particulate number (PN) testing: Implementing PN testing to better measure emissions from modern diesel engines, focusing on the effectiveness of diesel particulate filters.

  • Impact on businesses: Introducing PN testing would require MOT centres to invest in new equipment, acknowledging the financial impact this would have.
  • Impact on motorists: The introduction of PN testing could increase the number of vehicles failing their MOT due to stricter emissions testing, leading to higher repair costs for owners.
  • Broader considerations: Balancing the benefits of improved emissions control against the costs and disruption to motorists and businesses. The government is considering how best to implement such changes without undue hardship.
  • Future actions: The need for further research and consultation before making a final decision on whether to implement PN testing.

Change is good

The future of the MOT test focuses on several key areas, including modernisation to ensure the MOT test keeps pace with vehicle technology, and incorporating tests for new systems such as ADAS. Another area is improving compliance and quality to enhance the quality and consistency of MOT testing across different garages.

These points suggest a future where the MOT test is more closely aligned with new vehicle technologies, offers greater consistency across testing stations, and is more involved with the broader goals of road safety and environmental responsibility.

It’s hoped this transparent approach will continue and there will be more collaboration between all involved with the MOT system, leading to better consumer understanding of the importance of maintaining vehicles and how MOTs help.

Watch the IMI’s Navigating the Future of MOT webinar

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