Taking control with Eurorepar Car Service

Taking control with Eurorepar Car Service

Advertorial: Eurorepar Car Service explains how it empowers its members to gain better control of their time, their business and their balance sheet.

The day-to-day job of the modern garage owner or manager is extremely demanding and varied. Our team of business development managers spend most of their working lives on the road visiting garages all over the UK, listening to their beliefs and observations. One of the most common gripes they hear from operators is that there’s often no time left in the day to do what they got into the industry for in the first place: fix cars.

Unless you plan on working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, something has got to give.

This is where the Eurorepar Car Service network can help. Being part of a structured, professional network can help time-poor garage owners to gain more control of their working lives and spend more time focusing on what they do best – fixing cars and building long-lasting relationships with customers.

Here’s how the Eurorepar Car Service is set up to achieve this:

Automated, centralised, simple

Members of the network receive help and support for a number of important business functions and admin tasks that are typically time consuming. Marketing and social media, for example, is taken care of through the online network members area. Centres can access a range of easily downloadable digital assets, which are updated regularly. Emails are also sent to all members when a new graphics pack is made available.

Technical and diagnostic assistance is catered for by Eurorepar’s technical hotline, which provides centres with on-tap support and information from experienced technical experts.

Face-to-face support

Members of the Eurorepar Car Service network have regular updates with their local business development manager, whose role is to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the network. These updates can simply be a cup of tea and a chat, or a more formal affair to discuss how to take your business to the next level.

Hassle-free parts supply

Having reliable access to a diverse and high-quality parts supply is vital to any garage. Eurorepar’s approach aims to save garages the time and stress that is often involved, by giving members access to the network’s Service Box Multi-brand parts platform. Coupled with the efficiency and 360-degree parts offering of the network’s partner distribution brand, Distrigo, garages in the network really do have a one-stop shop.

To find out more, visit www.eurorepar.co.uk