TechSafe: Getting ready for the revolution

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In this article: The industry is going through tremendous change as we move from combustion to electric propulsion, the IMI’s TechSafe professional standards should help streamline the transition

The government has been clear, it wants the industry to stop selling combustion engine powered vehicles and shift to an electric future. Agree or disagree, when politicians make a decision it’s down to the rest of us to adapt, including the vehicle manufacturers who are already well down the road in the technology and product offer.

The shift to electrification presents huge challenges for all of us, and the IMI is determined to be at the forefront of the change, helping smooth the transition and make sure members are prepared.

As vehicles change and incorporate more technologies, from electric motors and lithium-ion batteries to autonomous safety and driver assistance systems it will become necessary to vouch for the skills of those undertaking service, repair and maintenance, ensuring that they can guarantee the continued safe and effective operation of those technologies and the vehicles.

For the safety of technicians, it’s equally important to ensure that they are appropriately trained and equipped to work on vehicles. For example, the high voltage systems of electric and hybrid electric vehicles operate at potentially lethal voltages. Which is where TechSafe comes in.

TechSafe is the IMI’s campaign to develop professional standards for electrified vehicles, making sure we’re all prepared for the future. Communication is critical and the IMI hopes to create change by discussing and debating the different areas of the road to electrification.

With IMI members, the institute will continue to seek opinions and views on existing, proposed and drafted legislation and regulations and any proposals for regulation of technicians. It’ll also ask members to participate in any surveys, research or labour market intelligence that the IMI carries out and look to see how members can contribute to lobbying activities undertaken by the IMI in relation to the regulation and registration of technicians working on vehicles utilising rapidly changing technology.

With governments, the IMI will continue to consult and represent the industry’s views on existing, proposed and drafted legislation and regulations. The IMI will work to assist in establishing requirements for any new legislation for the regulation of technicians and collaborate in reviewing current legislation with a view to using this as a way of ensuring safe maintenance and repair of vehicles.

In the insurance industry the IMI will work with insurers to ensure vehicles utilising electrified drivetrains and rapidly changing autonomous technology are inspected and repaired by registered, assessed and regulated technicians, ensuring the safety of the policy holder and technicians in the repair network.

Employers too play an important role, and via assessment against a professional standard, the IMI will look to build a register of technicians working on vehicles utilising alternative drivetrains and rapidly changing technology relying on human-machine interface, autonomous and advanced driver-assistance systems. It should help ensure that as many technicians as possible undergo accredited training against a regulated professional standard leading to professional registration and that firms are meeting their corporate responsibilities.

Find out more about the TechSafe campaign and keep an eye on the IMI’s website, social channels and newsletters for the latest developments. 

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