Three courses to keep your career on track

In this article: From MOTs to electric vehicles, keep your skills up to date with these courses

The industry is changing, electricity is powering more vehicles, and the number of onboard sensors is growing as more functions become either assisted or automated. That’s impacting on the work done by technicians; they need to have a wider range of skills to meet the needs of maintaining today’s cars. Here are three that could help you supercharge your career:

Electric vehicle eLearning course

Whether you’re an individual after basic knowledge of electric vehicles or a technician wanting to increase their range of skills, this multi-module course could be the one for you.

The package is divided into eight modules, each focusing on different elements and learning levels. There are no formal entry requirements, but a basic understanding and experience of motor vehicles would be beneficial for some of the modules.

Light vehicle MOT annual training

MOT requirements are constantly changing, stay on top and get ready with this eLearning course aimed at existing light vehicle, (classes 3, 4, 5 and 7), MOT nominated testers. It will help you get ahead and prepare for what the DVSA MOT annual training and annual assessment throws at you.

Advanced driver assistance system calibration

As technologies advance, technicians are likely to be spending more time working on vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems, (ADAS). Their calibration is one of the most important areas: putting a vehicle back on the road after any maintenance has been completed where all the systems work as they should.

This course is designed to ensure that technicians can calibrate ADAS systems, and demonstrate the ability to identify and correctly interpret information to determine which method of calibration is required.

Not only that, but it also assesses the technician's ability to identify, locate and follow software-specific recalibration methods during the assessment process.

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