Understanding Autotech Academy – a college perspective

Mechanic under car

Advertorial: Finding the missing link between colleges and the industry and helping more students into an automotive career

Since its launch at the start of the year, Autotech Academy has been cited as ‘the missing link’ between colleges and the automotive aftermarket.

The initiative was developed to not only create a stream of new talent for the industry, but to cut the number of college leavers finding employment within other sectors because they struggle to secure a role within the automotive industry after qualifying.  

While armed with the theoretical knowledge, college leavers lack experience to hit the ground running – which is often a deterrent to many time poor garage owners and fast fit company managers. Autotech Academy created its internship solution to overcome this recruitment bottleneck.

For the college, there is zero cost involved as the automotive industry provides the funding via a paid internship. As Autotech Academy only engage with students who have completed their Level 2 or 3 Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair courses, the college could see destination data improve as the students have a defined destination on completion of their learning. This can also lead to the department securing more funding in the future.

Significantly, the internship concept is not an apprenticeship, and in no way detracts from apprentice programmes run through a college as students don’t repeat learning but instead apply the skills they have learned at college to the workplace.

A low-risk solution, Autotech Academy has, unsurprisingly, piqued the interest of garage owners and colleges alike. Being well versed in screening vehicle technicians through Autotech Group’s recruitment division, the Academy team works with colleges to identify the right person with the right qualities and skills before putting them forward for an internship.

Each intern is equipped, by Autotech Academy, with a Teng Tools tool kit, standard PPE, and uniform (if required) and offered ongoing training, delivered through either a vehicle manufacturer’s own training facility, or through an equivalent OEM such as Bosch, and Level 2/3, IMI accredited electric/hybrid vehicle training.

With the first intern set to start work later this month, following the announcement of several college partnerships, Autotech Academy are increasingly being contacted directly by automotive students keen to get a foot on the career ladder.

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