Why ATS Euromaster is upskilling staff to make centres EV-ready

Why ATS Euromaster is upskilling staff to make centres EV-ready

As powertrain technologies shift, companies are preparing for the future by making sure staff have the skills needed to work on new systems

The ATS Euromaster network of tyre and maintenance centres has been upskilled to ensure technicians can work on both hybrid and electric vehicles safely. It’s a move by the firm to get it ready for the electrified future – something that is closer than many think.

Technicians have been trained in line with industry standards, set by IMI, as part of a phased roll out by the tyre service and maintenance provider. This ensures it can meet the challenge of working on any vehicle that comes into its business safely, as numbers of hybrid and electric options increase in demand.

Electric car registrations have continued to accelerate, up over 71% year on year, while vans are expected to grow this year, too - up nearly 63% year on year according to SMMT data.

Mark Holland, operations director at ATS Euromaster, said: “We are committed to constantly improving the level of training we give to our technicians to ensure their skills meet the demands of our customers. Clearly electric vehicles with high-voltage batteries represent a safety hazard and can cause either severe burns or fatalities if incorrectly handled.

“The training they have received means they now have the knowledge to understand the dangers surrounding electric vehicles and the precautions they need to take in order to avoid potential injury. This training will position us to service our customers both now and in the future.”

The ATS technicians can now work on replacing the tyres on electric passenger cars, 4x4s, SUVs and LCVs as well as providing tyre services such as balancing, wheel alignment, and valve replacement. They are also able to re-gas both types of air conditioning units and carry out MOTs on both Hybrids and EVs.

“The next stage will be training technicians to work around high- and low-voltage electrical systems, while carrying out repairs and maintenance to braking and suspension systems. This is phase two of our EV ready roll out,” added Holland.

ATS Euromaster has in excess of 250 centres currently providing 80,000 new tyres each month with an increasing number of these being specialist tyres for EVs. The company says it expects to see the volume of EV tyre replacement work increase as the cars become more mainstream.

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