Why you need to take tyre safety seriously


As business owners I'm sure most of you reading this are no stranger to sharing the #safetyressavelives message on your social media channels. But do you realise how crucial it truly is?

I help run our family owned independent garage in Morecambe. We've been serving our community since 1997, and over the years, we've noticed a concerning trend – bald and defective tyres. Over the years the state of customers’ tyres has unfortunately only become worse and that’s why we need to take their safety seriously.

But here's the thing, prioritising tyre safety and road safety isn't just about preventing crashes, it's also about growing your customer base and your business succeeding.

Consider this: when your customers feel safe and confident with your service, they're more likely to return to your garage for regular maintenance and repairs. By educating them about the importance of being responsible car owners, you're not just saving lives, you're also building trust and loyalty.

Furthermore, promoting tyre safety can differentiate your business from competitors. By offering tyre inspections and providing free, honest advice as part of your services, you're demonstrating your commitment to customer safety. This not only fosters trust but also attracts new clients and enhances your reputation in the community.

Putting safety first

As we deal directly with drivers on our roads, our commitment to road safety extends beyond the confines of our garages. By engaging with local road safety partnerships and emergency services, we can amplify the road safety message and make a tangible impact on our communities. So here are three ideas to help you get started.

  • Collaborative events and workshops: Why not try partnering with local road safety organisations to host events this is an effective way to engage with the community and promote road safety awareness. Consider organising tyre safety workshops aimed at educating drivers of all ages about safe driving practices. We have recently joined forces with our local fire service to do pop up tyre safety checks in super market car parks in our local area, it has worked really well and has had a positive impact on our business. 
  • Educational campaigns: Utilise your business's marketing channels to support road safety education campaigns. Share tyre safety tips, statistics, and resources on your website, social media platforms, and in-store signage. By using your reach within the community, you can help spread the message to a wider audience and encourage safer driving habits. 
  • Community support programmes: Get involved in community programmes aimed at vulnerable road users, such as schoolchildren, cyclists, and pedestrians. Offer free tyre safety checks which support staff within local schools /colleges or local workplaces employees and also distribute educational materials to raise awareness about the importance of road safety.

Tyres are unfortunately only getting worse. As automotive professionals, we witness first-hand the deteriorating condition of tyres on vehicles that come through our garages. It's a concerning trend that highlights the urgent need for action. However by collectively sharing the crucial message of tyre safety and road safety, we have the power to affect positive change in our communities and our customers. Together, we can raise awareness, educate drivers, and promote responsible car ownership.

So, next time you're sharing that "#safetyressavelives" message, remember that you're not just spreading awareness; you're also investing in the growth and success of your business. Together, let's make our roads safer and ensure every journey begins and ends safely, one tyre at a time.