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Hydrogen-powered vehicle

The IMI’s first Virtual Conference was an incredible success, delivering enormous debate and discussion about the future of the industry.

As we enter into an age of alternative fuels and a shift to a sector that provides mobility solutions, we can’t simply sit still. We need to adapt and change otherwise, we risk being left behind. You know what they say about insanity and doing the same thing over and over again.

The path to electrification is set – whether that’s battery or hydrogen-powered – meaning traditional mechanical skills will need to be augmented with new-found talents.  We also need fresh blood to make sure we can keep pace with all the changes facing automotive. There is fierce competition for talent but this potentially opens up new markets for us to tap into.

Generation Z are acutely aware of the effects of the warming planet, and Gen Z'ers are now pursuing career paths centred on addressing the climate crisis more so than older generations. That’s an enormous opportunity to highlight the steps our industry is taking and bring them into this exciting sector.

But it isn’t simply about attracting a new generation to the industry. Increasing diversity is a reality we need to embrace. One of the conference panelists, Jodie Williams, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Sytner Group, is facing the challenge head-on and it’s worth catching up with what she said. 

It isn’t by any means a box-ticking exercise, and it isn’t just about appealing to more diverse people to come into the sector; it’s about changing the culture of the sector so they will want to stay. With the CBI recently stating that 75% of businesses in all sectors are short of people it is essential that we significantly widen our appeal to compete for the talent we need to achieve sustainable workforce development.

Change is challenging…and we are certainly facing more than our fair share of that over the next few years. But it will also create opportunity as people begin to look at our sector differently and we are here to help and support you with a plethora of resources that underline just what exciting futures exist in automotive

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