Difficult but not impossible

Row of cars

The world is starting to return to normality. More automotive professionals are back at work, students are returning to their studies and the government is encouraging others to return to their workplaces too. That’s all good news for the economy.

But the world we’re returning to isn’t the same. For many businesses, life is going to be seriously tough. We’re in a deep recession. Consumer behaviours have changed, too.

We’re all going to need inventiveness, agility and a nose for what our customers really want. Margins have always been tight in the motor trade; we’re going to have to create new opportunities, look for diversification opportunities or focus on the new services that are in demand.

Almost certainly you’ll need to upskill yourself and/or your people. We’ve got a range of courses and qualifications to help you up your game – some are even free!

To keep you up to date with changing trends, we’re continuing to provide webinar content. Even in the events we’ve already held there’s all sorts of advice and tips from experts including Tom Denton industry consultant at Automotive Technology, Hayley Pells director at Avia Sports Cars and the Garage Inspector Andy Savva and a host of other compelling voices.

And don’t forget, the MotorPro section of the IMI website is constantly updated with industry insight and practical advice.

It’s reassuring that we’re starting to see the country open up a little more, and while we need to remain mindful of health and safety, it could provide a host of opportunities for businesses as long as you’re ready to grasp them.

If the IMI can help in any way please get in touch. You can contact us on +44 (0)1992 519025, or send emails to hello@theimi.org.uk.
With my very best wishes,