Get out of your comfort zone, and ready for the revolution

Steering Wheel

We all know that COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on our industry. It’s been tough and isn’t over yet, but we need to start preparing for the future. And here’s the thing: more than ever, we all need to take on new challenges and increase our skill levels. Each of us has to get out of our comfort zone.

Even before the pandemic hit, a shift was taking place. Vehicles are changing rapidly, becoming more complex, driven by different technologies, with more safety systems and onboard sensors. This is just one part of the industry’s shifting dynamic.

The question for each of us is: are we ready? This applies whether you’re established in the industry or taking your first steps.

The mission of the IMI is to make sure you can succeed. We offer a host of courses, (many of which are free), accreditation routes and qualifications using eLearning and more traditional methods. Our continuous professional development (CPD) pathways make sure you can develop, adapt and grow. Now’s the time to invest in yourself and your staff.

I know that’s easy to say, and you may think the reality is different. Apprenticeships have seen a huge dip because of Coronavirus, the economy is in recession. But investing in talent and investing in yourself is the way out of this.

And in many cases the money is there. Apprenticeship Levy funds need to be used before they are clawed back. The industry desperately needs us to make sure we have the best, brightest and most skilled workforce possible – so don’t let the money go to waste.

Just look at the IMI’s return on investment calculator to find out how investing in talent contributes to success.

The IMI's courses are delivered across the globe through approved centres and specialist partners, ensuring the highest standards. If you don't find a course that suits your needs, get in touch and we'll design a training package that's right for you. It’s why we exist.

Anything you need, please contact us on +44 (0)1992 519025, or send emails to
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