The IMI announces winner of MOT Testers Competition

MOT Competition Winner

Vauxhall technician set to upskill with two-day IMI-accredited Delphi Hybrid and EV training course

Michael Marsden, a vehicle technician for Platinum Vauxhall, serving the South and West of England, has been named as the EV Training competition winner launched by the IMI at the end of 2021 for MOT testers. By purchasing the professional body’s combined MOT Training and Assessment package, Michael has won a place on a two day IMI-accredited Delphi Hybrid and EV Training course in March, giving him the opportunity to extend his skills in readiness for the EV revolution.

“I’m thrilled to win a place on the Hybrid and EV training course”, said Michael. “I can remember training on the all-electric Citroen Berlingo some 20 years ago, but things have massively changed since then. What’s more, the pace of change is accelerating, which makes training and refresher training all the more important. The IMI accredited programmes give us Technicians the opportunity to be part of the EV transition, safeguarding our working practices and our future within workshops.”

The IMI competition, in partnership with Delphi Hybrid Training, was launched to promote awareness of the need for MOT testers to take their Annual Assessment by 31st March 2022 in order to stay compliant and continue operating.

“We are delighted that one of the thousands of Technicians making the most of the highly intuitive IMI MOT Training and Assessment package has benefitted from our Hybrid and EV training competition, in partnership with Delphi,” said Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI. “The MOT remains fundamental to safe motoring on UK roads. But we also wanted to highlight the importance of upskilling for the growing EV market and it’s great to see how many technicians went into the prize draw at the end of last year.”

The IMI MOT Training and Assessment has been designed to give testers a better chance of passing first time. At its heart is a question style that promotes the effective use of the DVSA MOT Tester Manual, with the result that testers improve their probability of passing the Annual Assessment. Its e-Learning modules steer testers towards the right parts of the DVSA MOT Tester Manual, aligned to the Annual Assessment topics for 2021/22. The question sets are designed to be intuitive to the topics, with guidance also provided to navigate the manual, and ‘how-to’ videos to help testers through the process.

The IMI MOT 3 hour training module can be completed in bite-size chunks, using a PC, laptop and even a smartphone. Testers have to complete the assessment in one sitting, but can retake the assessment if they’re not happy with their score on the first attempt. Any tester completing the assessment can opt in to receiving free IMI membership for a year.

The IMI MOT Training and Assessment for 2021/22 offers 3 options:

  • Training only
  • Assessment only – including up to 2 attempts
  • Combined Training and Assessment – including up to 2 attempts

To find out more, visit MOT Tester - Assessment and Annual Training | IMI (