IMI EV qualified technicians urged to get IMI TechSafe™ recognised for potential 10% earning premium

IMI TechSafe

Professional body launches campaign to grant IMI TechSafe™ recognition for those with an IMI EV qualification to ensure they can capitalise on the electric revolution

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) is tackling the current EV skills gap with a campaign to ensure those with IMI EV skills have the proper recognition.

With the rapid advances in electric vehicle (EV) innovation, it is crucial that technicians can show up-to-date proficiency to work on electric vehicles. The IMI is urging all technicians who have completed an IMI EV qualification since 2011 to sign up to the campaign to gain the important recognition they deserve. 

Depending on an individual’s current IMI membership status and the age of their EV qualification there are four different options including an online entry test with optional refresher learning content. 

In the process of granting IMI TechSafe™ recognition, those not already members of the IMI will be given free IMI Associate membership.

As Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI explained, this push by the professional body to get technicians IMI TechSafe™ recognised is critical to increasing the number of up-to-date EV qualified technicians in the sector.

“Our recent data highlighted that 90,000 automotive technicians will be required to provide sufficient workforce to service the volume of zero emissions vehicles predicted to be on UK roads by 2030 - the government’s Road to Zero deadline. And because of the accelerated adoption of EV, we are predicting a shortfall of 35,700 technicians by 2030, with 2026 marking the point at which the skills gap will materialise. 

“We know that there are many professionals in our sector who have taken steps to get themselves EV qualified in the past and we believe this community could play a crucial role in bridging the skills gap. It won’t fix the whole problem – but it could certainly make a difference to the current deficit in EV skills. And, importantly, it will provide these individuals with a real opportunity to lift their earning potential.”

IMI analysis of salary data for 2020 shows an earning premium of more than 10% - £3,700 per annum - for EV qualified vehicle technicians.

“The IMI will continue to lobby government to inject funding into EV training  but while these pleas appear to fall on deaf ears we are making our own investment into the future of the sector with this campaign”, concluded Steve Nash.

Technicians who want to achieve IMI TechSafe™ recognition should visit