IMI welcomes extension to MOT Training & Assessment deadline

Technicians Working On Vehicle

DVSA extended deadline gives MOT testers an extra month to complete mandatory Training and Assessment  

Responding to the backlog of vehicles requiring MOTs as a result of the MOT extension earlier in the year, the DVSA has announced an extension to the deadline for MOT Testers to complete their Training and Assessment to 30th April 2021. Welcoming this move, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) is urging MOT Testers to see the task as something they can do in manageable sessions rather than having to get it all done in one go. 

“The DVSA’s decision to extend the deadline for MOT Testers is good news at such a busy time”, commented Steve Nash. “But the reality is the Training and Assessment must still be done and we believe it makes a lot of sense to tackle it bit by bit rather than trying to find the time to get it all done in one go.”   

The IMI 3 hour MOT Training module can be completed over several sessions and, uniquely, gives technicians the opportunity to retake the assessment up to three times if they’re not happy with their score on first or second attempt. This means if they don’t meet the DVSA pass rate they can review the training notes to give themselves the best chance of successfully completing the assessment. With the DVSA requiring a pass rate of 80% - and this being such an important revenue stream for many garages – this is an important tool for technicians. 

The IMI MOT Training and Assessment for 2021 offers 3 options: 

  • Training only 
  • Assessment only – including up to 3 attempts 
  • Combined training and assessment – including up to 3 attempts 

Once training is completed, MOT technicians also automatically receive free membership to the IMI as well as access to the IMI community to utilise new and relevant resources to continue their learning plus helpful tips and tools. 

To find out more visit our MOT Training & Assessment Page