IMI welcomes reintroduction of mandatory MOT testing from 1st August


Steve Nash, CEO of The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) comments on the announcement that mandatory MOT testing will be introduced from 1st August.

“The exemption from mandatory MOT testing announced at the end of March made sense at that time. But our sector moved very quickly to ensure it could work safely and support motorists during the lockdown. It’s welcome, therefore, that the government has announced the reintroduction of mandatory MOT testing from 1st August and is urging motorists to get their car booked in as soon as possible if they have already passed their MOT date.

“The risks of the exemption were increasing exponentially the longer it went on. The MOT on millions of vehicles has already expired, which means even the most basic checks haven’t been done, with claims that more than a million vehicles due for their MOT since lockdown are likely to have failed. 

“MOT Testing Centres are open and ready to help drivers – with all the appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures in place.”