Invest for success


I think 2022 is going to be a pivotal year for automotive. The COVID fog may not have quite lifted yet, but the seismic changes that turned the industry on its head are beginning to recede. 

The new car market may remain someway off a recovery, but the used car market hasn’t faltered, giving organisations financial stability and perhaps importantly an opportunity to invest in the future.

Next year could be the year to make some serious changes and help the sector accelerate its successes. And this is what I want to see happen:

  • Invest in the skills now: Apprentice recruitment is still exceptionally low but we could change that. Stellar results reported by many of the major retail groups must surely be reinvested, especially as, clearly there is no point waiting for government intervention
  • Get TechSafe™ recognised: We need the skills now to be ready to market, service and repair the new generation of automotive technology. Perhaps you’ve completed some IMI EV training in the past but never received the recognition – now’s your chance to change that
  • Open the door wider: It’s an arms-race to attract skilled and qualified people who can work on the new technologies. To succeed we need to appeal to a more diverse workforce and help the next generation of workers see just how exciting automotive is. The IMI’s Diversity Taskforce is facing this challenge head on, and our interim report and the full report will be landing in January and March respectively. You’ll want to see the results so keep an eye on our website and your inbox.

We want your nominations

There’s still time to celebrate the success stories of our industry. We’d love to get your nominations for the IMI Awards for Full-Time Student of the Year and the Patron’s Award (recognising outstanding commitment and contribution to supporting the local community). 

If that’s you, or someone you know, show your recognition today by nominating them before the deadline on Friday 17th December.

Wherever you fit into the IMI family, we’re standing by. If you have any career or skills questions, get in touch and we’ll find the answers for you. Call +44 (0)1992 519025, or send an email to
With my very best wishes