It’s tough, but we’re here to help

It’s tough, but we’re here to help

I’ll be honest, I thought that 2022 would be a better year. Unfortunately, that’s not quite been the case thus far.

The war in Ukraine continues to have horrifying human consequences, and I’d like to thank those IMI members who’ve donated to our fundraising. The war is also having profound economic consequences, contributing to the rising cost of living, and shortages of supplies – both of components and materials. It’s at these moments the automotive community really needs to come together.

We can’t help in every situation, but I want to say that the IMI team is on hand to support you wherever we can. We’ll keep the information and resources flowing. We’ll answer your questions.

Just a reminder also that your IMI membership gives you access to cost savings on a range of products and services:

  • Halfords card: Get up to 30% off key essentials such as car parts and workshop tools with a Halfords trade card
  • SP Diagnostics: Receive up to 20% off technology-based solutions to help your business succeed
  • Learn a new skill: You can receive up to 25% off CPD courses using your IMI membership. This could help you grow the knowledge and skills you’ll need at this time of crisis. The courses on offer are extensive.

Day-to-day savings

IMI member benefits can also help you save money on your weekly grocery shop, reducing your utility bills. There’s a handy calculator on the IMI Member Benefits web page.

It’s a tough time right now, and I wanted you to know that we’re here to help, so if you have any queries or questions, get in touch. Call +44 (0)1992 519025, or send an email to

With my very best wishes



Update - A response to the Spring Statement 2022

“Clearly the Chancellor was trying to please many different groups in today’s Spring statement and the focus on helping the working community, including small businesses is welcome.  For the smaller independent businesses in the automotive sector, the 50% reduction in business rates will provide some welcome relief – and may even give them the funds to inject into immediate training and upskilling to address the current skills gap. The cut in fuel duty will also, of course, give some respite to the motoring community as a whole which could have a positive knock-on benefit to the sector.  But the IMI is particularly interested to learn more about the Chancellor’s plans to review the Apprenticeship Levy. His focus on vocational qualifications is welcome but it’s critical that any attempts to ‘level up’ in this area don’t come at a detriment to apprentice recruitment.  Some employers may lobby for more freedom to spend the Levy on non-apprenticeship training, but that would be like throwing the baby out with the bathwater given that automotive apprentice recruitment is already well below where it needs to be. The IMI will actively reach out to the relevant Government departments to provide our insight for the review.”