MOT Consultation Conclusion: IMI Response


The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), which represents over 100,000 automotive professionals, responds to the Department for Transport’s conclusion to its MOT Consultation:

Hayley Pells, Policy Lead at the IMI said:

“We welcome the Government's commitment to maintaining the first MOT at three years and annual testing thereafter. This aligns with our findings on the importance of regular checks for road safety and vehicle maintenance.

“The decision to further explore modernising tests for electric and automated vehicles is a positive step towards addressing the unique challenges and advancements in vehicle technology. We also appreciate the focus on diesel emissions, which is crucial for environmental concerns. The conclusion of the consultation also underscores the need for ongoing adaptations in MOT testing to keep pace with rapidly evolving vehicle technologies and environmental considerations.”

The IMI’s response to the original consultation provided clear evidence that extending the date for the first MOT would significantly increase road user risk.

In particular, the IMI identified that the risks surrounding electric vehicles – which cause heavier wear to their tyres – would be heightened if the first MOT date was extended. Evidence drawn from MOT testing records supplied to the IMI by the Department for Transport showed that comparative to petrol engine vehicles, electric vehicles are much more likely to fail their first MOT test.