Six facts you never knew about CPD


May roadmap milestone, HGV sales are increasing, there’s a renewed sense of optimism in the used-car sector, and job postings are on the up.

This is no time to stand still so here, in Learning at Work Week, are six CPD (continuing professional development) facts to inspire you to update your skills:

  1. One IMI member logged ‘Rugby Coaching’ as part of their CPD. It might sound odd, but the skills were transferable to management practice
  2. The most pieces of CPD logged by an IMI member was 59 individual learning activities. Remember, they don’t have to be huge pieces of work; a podcast counts as much as anything else. Go on, check out the IMI’s latest: Crash course: When will vehicles stop having accidents?
  3. The biggest annual CPD ever logged was 3,600 hours with The Open University as part of a BSc (Honours) in Human Geography. Shows what’s achievable, eh!
  4. The 2021 CPD audit saw a 52% increase in IMI e-Learning compared to the previous year due to the changes in learning undertaken during the pandemic and working from home.
  5. So far in 2021, the IMI has audited 1,595.2 hours of CPD. That’s the equivalent of nearly 40 working weeks already and we aren’t even halfway through the year yet.
  6. CPD is changing. Reading, nationally recognised qualifications and physical events have declined but on the up are IMI e-Learning, seminars, conferences, expert working groups and short courses. It shows CPD is whatever you want it to be.

The IMI delivers an enormous range of content to help you improve yourself. Whether you want to find your learning style on IMI Careers Hub, want the latest learning advice from Alchemy Assistant or you simply want to log your learning, we’ve got you covered.

As the industry adapts and changes it’s even more important to stay ahead of the game. CPD helps you do that. So, if you have a question you need answering, please get in touch on +44 (0)1992 519025, or send an email to
With my very best wishes.