Skills and Post 16 Education Bill – IMI Statement

Automotive Skills

Automotive industry professional body supports Federation of Awarding Bodies position as House of Lords debates the Bill

Following the debate in the House of Lords yesterday (15th June 2021) regarding the Skills and Post 16 Education Bill, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), the leading provider of industry standards and Accreditation solutions in the automotive sector, has confirmed its position, supporting the views of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI said:

“The government has clearly stated its ambition for the UK to have a world-leading skills system in apprenticeships and technical education by 2030 and it is admirable that it is seeking to put this commitment in law with the Skills and Post 16 Education Bill. However, as yesterday’s debate in the House of Lords highlighted, there is still work to do to ensure that the access to skills is equal and fair for all adults.

“As the automotive sector’s professional body, supporting skills training and qualifications in one of the most dynamic and fast-moving industries of the 21st century, the IMI believes it is vital that the Bill provides individuals with a clear and statutory right to access funding offered through the Lifetime Skills Guarantee (LSG) in order to retrain and upskill regardless of prior qualification or attainment level.  This is critical as the evolution of automotive technologies requires significantly different skill sets.

“However, as highlighted by the Federation of Awarding Bodies, the current list of 400 qualifications, funded from the LSG and prescribed by Whitehall, is too restrictive in terms of helping individual’s re-skill, particularly as the UK economy emerges from the ravages of COVID-19.  

“The IMI will continue to work with FAB in its efforts to ensure ministers fully take its concerns into account. It is important that relevant amendments are made before the Bill is passed.”