Standards are changing: Get your voice heard


The IMI is reviewing National Occupational Standards that feed directly into qualifications, and now’s the time to give your feedback so they are fit for purpose

For some, National Occupational Standards (NOS) will be well known, for others it’ll be the first time you’ve heard of them, but they’re incredibly important to everyone involved in the industry. And we need your feedback to make sure they stay relevant.

NOS are used to help develop qualifications used in apprenticeship frameworks in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland as well as the IMI accreditation scheme for staff in all nations of the UK. The standards describe best practice, and companies can use them to help design their in-house training, on-the-job coaching or performance management systems.

They exist to describe what an individual in a certain role should be able to do, the standard they must achieve and the essential knowledge they need to hold, as well as the understanding they need.

Change is coming

The IMI is reviewing four suites of the NOS standards: Electric Vehicle, Motorcycle, Heavy Vehicle, Paint and Bus and Coach. And this is where we need your help.

We want employers, industry experts and other relevant stakeholders to feed into the review in order to make sure that the NOS are up to date and fit for purpose for the sector.

Electric Vehicles are having the spotlight shone on them first, with the other modules following immediately after. NOS modules for EVs include: carrying out non-high energy electrical system work on or near electric and hybrid vehicles, carry out work on broken down and damaged electric and hybrid vehicles, service and repair non-live electric and hybrid vehicle systems, isolate and reinstate an electric and hybrid vehicle and diagnose, test and repair electric and hybrid vehicle high voltage batteries. But is that right?

The consultation for EVs begins on the 22nd July and will bring together feedback from all nations, followed by the other core areas so now’s the time to express your interest and help build the standards of the future.

Get in touch

If you’d like to take part in the consultation register your interest with Caroline Harris, the dates for each category are below, so make sure to get in touch as soon as possible to get your voice heard.

Meeting dates for each topics

  Electric Vehicle Heavy Vehicle Motorcycles Paint Bus & Coach
England    06-Aug & 10th-Sept  27-Aug 18-Aug 19-Aug TBA
Scotland 11-Aug 12-Aug 25-Aug 26-Aug TBA
N Ireland 03-Sept 05-Aug 09-Sep 08-Sep TBA
Wales 13-Aug 20-Aug 01-Sep 02-Sep TBA