Staying fit for purpose

Automotive future

As we move towards the end of what has been a year like no other in most of our lifetimes, there are still big challenges facing society as a whole - and our sector in particular.

With the potential of further restrictions in the New Year, as well as the prospect of reaching December 31st without a fully formed agreement with the EU, I know that this sector, in which I have worked for more than 4 decades, will continue to respond, providing the vital support necessary to keep our country moving.

I also know that the sector will step up to the challenge of staying fit for purpose for the future vision of motoring.

In the immediate future, that means staying committed to continuous professional development, whether that’s completing the annual MOT Tester qualifications, or refreshing other technical skills to work on today’s vehicles. And we were delighted to hear last week’s news that the DVSA has extended the deadline for MOT Testers to complete their Training and Assessment to 30th April 2021. 

It’s good news at such a busy time. But the reality is the IMI 3 hour MOT Training and Assessment can be done bit by bit rather than trying to find the time to get it all done in one go. Uniquely, it also gives technicians the opportunity to retake the assessment up to three times if you're not happy with your score on first or second attempt. To find out more visit our MOT Training & Assessment Page.

Of course, staying fit for purpose also means attracting new talent, whether that’s encouraging school leavers to consider a career in automotive through an apprenticeship, perhaps supported by the government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, or retraining some of the many thousands who have faced job loss from other sectors that have clear synergies with automotive – from aviation to retail. And the IMI is working hard to develop the tools that will help employers deliver the right training for their business, even in the face of COVID-19 restrictions. 

Indeed, we have already had a fantastic response to last week’s announcement of our partnership with VOCANTO which will see more than 45 EV and Light Vehicle modules launched to our network of approved training centres at the start of 2021, with further modules scheduled for launch through the year for other areas of automotive training. You can register now for a demo of VOCANTO in the New Year to see how this partnership could help you or your business.

Finally, as this is my last message before the Christmas break I would like to send season’s greetings to all our members, colleagues and friends. We will be in touch in the New Year to share updates about all the benefits we’re packing into our 2021 membership to help you and your business stay ‘fit for purpose’.

Stay safe,