Take care of yourself

Take Care Of Yourself

It’s been a stressful year, and we’ve all had to deal with situations that we could never have imagined before the pandemic hit. But the need to take care of our mental wellbeing isn’t just linked to what happened in 2020, it’s a continuous process.

This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week, a campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation and one that the IMI supports wholeheartedly.

The theme of the week is connecting with nature if you’re feeling lonely, pressurised, or in need of support. Speaking personally, I know I have made the most of getting outside as much as possible during the lockdowns and it’s really helped. There is a wealth of advice, blogs, and tips out there that you may find useful, and I’d encourage you to do so.

We’re doing our bit at the IMI, too. You may have already seen some of our social media posts that’ll take you to different resources from automotive charity Ben to our very own Wellbeing webinar. You can find all the resources on our website.

There’s also a range of content on MotorPro that could prove incredibly useful including:

It’s important we take care of our mental wellbeing and the IMI is here to support you if and when you need it. 

If you have a question you need answering please get in touch on +44 (0)1992 519025, or send an email to hello@theimi.org.uk
With my very best wishes.