Time to fight to keep talent in the industry

man holding spanner

There’s little point trying to sugar-coat how things stand economically at the moment: the country, industries, businesses and individuals are facing some tough decisions in the coming months.

The government has helped support jobs since the beginning of the pandemic, and thankfully there will continue to be some support beyond the end of October too. I wish ministers would deliver more targeted help for the automotive industry – I’ll keep fighting our corner – but it seems unlikely at the moment. Which leaves us in a position where jobs could well be lost.

Looking through the results of the latest IMI member satisfaction survey, financial pressures and job security are your biggest worries too. So all of us need to find ways to minimise the economic impact on our sector.

Crucially, we’ve got to maintain the range of skills we have in the industry, and allow room to bring new talent in and prepare for post-COVID life. The opportunities in the future are enormous, with electrification, connectivity and autonomous functionality set to revolutionise the sector.

The IMI is determined to help.

As a starter, for those looking for employment we’re running an Employability Week from the 12th October to help hone the skills you need to make your next move. This will happen in a series of bitesize, focused, online videos. We’ll be covering:

  • How to polish your CV
  • Building an online profile
  • Interview techniques
  • Communication skills
  • Topping up your soft skills

Keep an eye on your inbox, our social channels and website for when videos go live. There’s already a huge range of webinar video content, and we’re adding to it all the time.

Don’t forget there’s also a lot of information, advice and help available on the IMI’s COVID-10 hub, whether you’re a student, member, manager, business owner or centre.

And if the IMI can help in any way please get in touch, we’re to help. We’re available on +44 (0)1992 519025, or send emails to hello@theimi.org.uk if you need us.
With my very best wishes,