Vehicle Fitting NOS Review Update – October 2021

Vehicle Fitting

IMI Vehicle fitting NOS review: where we are now

The Vehicle Fitting NOS has now been reviewed by expert working groups across the UK and changes/additions have been suggested. 
In order to see the updated draft documents please click here. 

A summary of the changes is as follows:

  • VF01 (Inspect, repair and replace standard light vehicle tyres) and VF02 (Inspect, repair and replace high-performance light vehicle tyres)
        - Combined into one unit and the descriptor ‘high-performance tyres’ has been removed as they are now considered to be standard.
  • VF03 (Inspect, repair and replace commercial vehicle tyres) -
    to align with the Heavy Vehicle and Bus & Coach NOS review last year, all references to ‘commercial’ have been replaced with ‘heavy goods and public service vehicle’
  • VF03, 05 and 06 (Inspect, repair and replace commercial/plant/industrial tyres) have been aligned with each other - minor amendments 
  • VF07 (Carry out light vehicle four-wheel alignment)
        - ESP, dynamic cruise control and ADAS added to examples of electronic systems in knowledge section K25 (impact of adjustment on electronic systems)
  • VF08 (Inspect and replace light vehicle clutches) – 
        - Scope 1 amended to include ‘Clutch and gearbox components’
        - Scope 2 (Tools & equipment) to include ‘oil drainer’
  • VF09 (Inspect and replace light vehicle exhaust components) –
        - Scope 1 (Components) amended to include:
              - catalytic converters/particulate filters and associated components and fluids
              - Selective catalytic reduction system and associated components and fluids
              - NOx reduction system
  • VF10 (Inspect, test and replace motor vehicle batteries and related components)
        - New performance criteria P10  - ‘store batteries safely to comply with current legal requirements and your workplace procedures’
        - New knowledge criteria K6 – ‘the importance of storing batteries safely and the consequences of not doing so to others and the environment
        - ‘coding of replacement batteries’ added to knowledge criteria K19
        - ‘manual and automatic adjustment’ added to knowledge criteria K21
        - New knowledge criteria K24 – ‘the implications of electrical conductivity through the human body’
        - Glossary updates for ‘Automotive batteries’, ‘Generators’ and ‘Vehicles’
  • VF11 (Inspect and replace light vehicle dampers and springs) 
        - Unit title amended to ‘Inspect and replace light vehicle suspension components’
        - New knowledge criteria K19 – ‘the implications of adjustment or replacement of suspension components on ADAS systems'
        - Scope 1 updated to include ‘air’ and ‘magnetic’ suspension dampers
        - Scope 2 was updated to include ‘diagnostic tools’ and ‘heating and cutting equipment within tools and equipment
        - Glossary updated to include new descriptors for ‘ADAS’ and ‘Suspension components’
  • VF12 (Inspect, adjust and replace light vehicle braking systems and components) – 
        - New knowledge criteria K18 – ‘how to reset the electronic/mechanical brake pad wear indicator’
        - ‘pad warning indicator’ added to scope 1 for ‘Braking system components’
        - Glossary updated to include examples removed from body of unit, including ‘Brake discs’,    ‘Electronic components’ and ‘Parking brake’
  • VF13 – (Safe use of oxyacetylene in automotive applications) – this unit has been restructured but no major changes
  • NEW UNIT VF19 – (Recalibrate motor vehicle Advanced Driver Assistance System sensors)
  • Soft skills units to be removed as not Vehicle Fitting specific – may be reintroduced as core units when that suite comes up for review, to include:
        - VF32 (Monitor and solve customer service problems)
        - VF44 (Receive and Store automotive stock)
        - VF45 (Co-ordinate the receipt and storage of automotive parts)
        - VF49 (Co-ordinate the receipt and storage of automotive parts)
        - VF57 (Help customers to choose products in the automotive retail environment)
        - VF62 (Plan, monitor and adjust staffing levels and schedules in the automotive retail environment)

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