Vehicle Recycling National Occupational Standards (NOS) Development – January 2022

Vehicle Recycling National Occupational Standards

Vehicle Recycling NOS - where we are now

The Vehicle Recycling NOS has now been developed and reviewed by experts across the UK and changes/additions have been suggested.

In order to see the draft documents please click here.

In short, five new National Occupational Standards have been developed:

  • Collect and transport casualty vehicles for salvage or recycling
  • Receive and inventory end of life vehicles
  • Depollute end of life vehicles
  • Dismantle end of life vehicles
  • Grade reclaimed vehicle parts

The management of recycled parts (‘green parts’) was also discussed, but as there are already NOS in place for Vehicle Parts, it was decided to look at these standards once they come up for review – hopefully in 2022.

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