Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Electric Vehicle Technician

Sorry, there’s no punchline, but you can tell it’s almost Easter!

There’s a quandary facing our industry: do we wait for electric vehicles to take hold in huge numbers and then learn the skills needed to work on them, or do we think ahead and upskill now so we’re ready when the shift happens?

You can guess what my answer is.

You may not have seen an EV in your workshop yet, but they’ll slowly start becoming more commonplace; the government is determined electrification will drive the industry, hence its 2030 target to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles. (Although the reduction in grants to support EV uptake by consumers might seem a little counter-intuitive).

The simple question is: are you ready?

Some in the IMI community are already preparing. The most popular IMI qualification at the end of last year was Level 3 EV and Hybrid System Repair and Replacement. IMI membership is your passport to get ready for electrification.

We’ve got a range of EV and hybrid courses – many of which are free – and the IMI’s new learning platform is going to accelerate your skills journey even more.

We’re working with international e-Learning training experts VOCANTO (sister company to Lucas-Nülle) to turn up the EV power. More than 45 of the IMI’s e-Learning modules will be available using the groundbreaking platform, helping prepare you for the future. 

So, if your membership is due to run out, now could be the time to renew and let us support you through the next stage in your career.

As a community, I really believe we can work towards an electrified future together. If you’ve got any specific questions or concerns, our team is available on +44 (0)1992 519025, or send emails to hello@theimi.org.uk.

Thanks for being part of the IMI family. On behalf of the whole IMI team, may I wish you a peaceful Easter break. 

Stay safe,



This isn’t subtle, but is timely, the deadline to complete your MOT training and assessment is looming. The sooner you get it done the better and the IMI is here to help. Keep your MOT skills up to date and make sure you can carry on testing. And if you’re apprehensive about the new assessment, check out these tips from the IMI’s experts and the DVSA.