Will EVs mean less work?

Will EVs mean less work?

With politicians determined to phase out combustion engine vehicles, and electrified car sales growing in a difficult market, the future of automotive looks pretty clear.

What’s less clear is the impact on servicing, repair and maintenance that a shift to EVs will have. Put bluntly: will EVs require less work? And what impact will this have on the independent sector? These are questions I hear a lot.

You can see why. Compared to the thousands of components and moving parts in a combustion vehicle, electrified cars appear far simpler. But is this true? And what impact will all this have on you? We want to know what you think. It’s a topic that we’re going to be covering in detail in the next few months.

If you have a view, we’d love you to answer the following question:

How will the maintenance of vehicles change as we move to electrified propulsion, do you believe cars will need more or less maintenance in the future?

We’ll be gathering views for a future edition of the IMI’s MotorPro magazine. You’ll also be helping us better understand your concerns, and ultimately help us support you.

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James Scoltock

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