MOT Useful Resources

In our ambition to make MOT CPD & Annual Assessment manageable for you, we have pulled together some useful resources to help you navigate your way.  

This page should provide the answer to most queries but please feel free to contact our friendly team for further support if required; call on 01992 519025 or email

We’re here for all of your MOT training and development needs. We've created a guide to view all the key information, simply click on the videos below to begin.

How To Redeem A Code

How to print your MOT certificate

How to enter your DVSA name

How to find your course

How to redeem a code


How is My MOT training progress tracked?

How to print the MOT assessment overview

How to access the MOT training video

Navigating the MOT training video

How to return to the MOT training video

MOT & Assessment

MOT Support

Our team are available to help reset your account if you fail the first 2 attempts. You will need to contact us in this case so you can continue to do further assessments.

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