Electric Vehicle Qualifications

Our electric vehicle qualifications are nationally-recognised, vocational and vocationally-related qualifications which allow you to demonstrate that your knowledge, skills and competence are of the standard required to work in automotive.

Designed to help you build and showcase your skill-set working in the growing electric and hybrid vehicle sector; they cover a range of areas related to maintenance and repair of systems and components found in vehicles.

International qualifications
If you are based outside the UK and interested in qualifications related to electric vehicle roles, find out more about what we offer.

Key stage 4 & 5
For anyone who is currently in school and considering a career in electric vehicles, our key stage 3 & 4 qualifications are specifically designed for you.

These vocational qualifications are for anyone based in England who wants to demonstrate their electric vehicle knowledge and competence.

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Continuing Professional Development

Electric Vehicle Courses

The Electric Vehicle eLearning package is a multi-module course designed for a wide range of audiences

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Continuing Professional Development

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