MOT Qualifications

Our MOT qualifications consist of tester courses for light vehicles and motorcycles, as well as the Test Centre Management qualification; the details of these are as follows:

  • IMI Level 2 Award in MOT Testing (classes 4 and 7)
  • IMI Level 2 Award in MOT Testing (classes 1 and 2)
  • IMI Level 3 Award MOT Test Centre Management

Eligibility For MOT Qualifications

To take the MOT testing qualification, you must meet the tester eligibility requirements set by the DVSA.

Equivalent achievements will be accepted in place of a qualification, including the following accreditations: 

  • IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection
  • IMI Accreditation Diagnostic Technician Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

There are no eligibility criteria for those wishing to apply for the MOT Test Centre Management qualification.

Non-eligibility alternatives

If you don’t meet criteria, we offer many alternative qualifications in light vehicle, motorcycle and other areas of the industry for you to explore.

If you currently work in automotive but have no formal recognition of your achievements, you may want to consider IMI Accreditations. Once achieved, these provide a proof that your skills and competence meet an industry recognised benchmark. IMI Accreditations last three years from completion.

As an existing MOT tester you are required to take a minimum of three hours annual training to remain up-to-date with best practice methods. You must complete an annual assessment to maintain your professional status and be able to carry out core responsibilities and duties.

Information for IMI Approved Centres

IMI Approved Centres can apply to offer the new MOT qualifications via the Centres Hub by using a qualification approval form. 

Before applying, you must complete the approval guidance checklist and ensure that your organisation meets the necessary criteria. You will need to upload the completed checklist as part of your application, as well as including the following evidence in the ‘staff and physical resources’ section:

  • Scheme of work for the training
  • Lesson plans for the training
  • Photos of the training resources

Centres will be subject to an application fee for offering these qualifications and any queries should be detailed in an email

Information for new Centres

If you are not currently an IMI Approved Centre but do want to offer the new MOT qualifications, you must apply to become an IMI Approved Centre first.

Information about certifications

Please note that only original qualification certificate serial numbers are permitted when requesting VT8s and that certificates of achievement are not accepted by the DVSA.

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